About Linenmaster

At Linenmaster, quality of service and product is paramount. In essence we’re all about providing comfort. For our clients this means peace of mind in the knowledge that we can always be relied on to provide hygienic, clean, quality linen and towels. In turn, for our client’s guests, this provides the warmth and comfort we associate with touching clean, quality linen and towels.

Linenmaster is a natural extension of the nationally recognised Apparelmaster chain and is 100% New Zealand owned and locally operated. Linenmaster provides a reliable, quality-focused and hygienic linen and towel rental and laundry solution for the hospitality market. Alongside Apparelmaster, Linenmaster shares the same successful rental programme methodolgy, supported by a tailored laundry programme, ensuring clean and tidy linen and towels are always on hand.

Whether you’re opening a new establishment, refurbishing and upgrading, or simply renewing your existing linen and towel supplies, the CAPEX can be daunting. Often quality and the total amount of soft goods (linen and towels) purchased is sacrificed. The fact is, you get what you pay for and cutting corners at this point may well cost you more in the long run. Renting your company linen and towelling is a much smarter option.

Obviously linen and towel quality is affected over time by high bed and table turn, the condition and capacity of your in-house washing facilities and the equipment and chemicals used. With a tailored Linenmaster rental and laundry programme there is no need to worry about these factors affecting the quality of your soft goods, and crucially there is no capital outlay. At Linenmaster quality control of the highest standard is strictly adhered to, meaning you’re always providing your guests with the highest quality of linen and towels every time.

Because we supply quality linen and towels, this ensures reject levels are kept to a minimum and the life of the textile is maximised. The quality and performance of our linen and towels is further enhanced because we use the best fabric chemicals and provide on-going investment in soap chemical training for all core staff.

Clean and hygienic linen is a reflection of your business. You only get one chance to leave a lasting and professional impression and with Linenmaster we leave nothing to chance; surely that provides comfort.