Linenmaster Rotorua

15 Sunset Road, Rotorua

Welcome to Linenmaster Rotorua

We rent, professionally maintain and launder quality linen and towels under the Linenmaster brand.

We’re proud of our business and we like to feel that we do things a little differently. 100% of our stock is RFID chipped, this technology literally allows the linen to talk directly to us allowing us to fully manage linen for our customers. You too could say goodbye to ordering and monitoring your linen stock by using our laundry.

With us there’s no ordering linen, there’s no counting linen in or out saving time, hassle and eliminating human error. What your guests make dirty we collect, scan back at our laundry and return back to you, and when a product reaches end of life we replace it.

Our customers only pay for linen their guests have used. They make up their rooms with our clean linen they haven’t paid for yet, when their guests check-out they get paid, we collect the used linen and it’s our turn to get paid – easy, simple and fair.

This is all possible due to our RFID technology allowing us to ensure our customers have complete transparency every step of the way.

If you want to liberate yourself from the daily grind of laundry and linen management at your property, contact us today and well show you how our talking linen can work for you.