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Clean and crisp, luxurious white linen - is there anything more satisfying? Linen that makes your guests feel special, that they are cared for, appreciated, valued - that’s what we provide at Linenmaster.

Our linen rental and laundry services are ideal for hotels of all sizes and styles. From the finest luxurious 5-star hotel to a quaintly historic, we design a custom and tailored programme for you to suit your individual hotels needs and guests. And because we pick up and deliver, you don’t need an onsite laundry, giving you the freedom to make better, more profitable use of your space.

We provide a full rental and laundry service for your busy hotel including:

  • Quality Bed Linen
  • Quality Dining Table Linen
  • Kitchen and Bar Service Linen
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cloths and Wipes
  • Kitchen Tea Towels

We pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time, and our quick turnaround makes it so simple and easy for our valued hotel clients. You need never worry about linen again with your local Linenmaster team on the job.

Need extra linen in a hurry? Because we are local and we understand your needs and get to know your team, we can help almost instantly if an urgent matter arises. You and your guests can rest assured that your local Linenmaster team is on call to make sure you have what you need when you need it.


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