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Linen and Towel Rental and Laundry Services for Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

The hospitality industry in New Zealand is required to meet minimum standards and codes when it comes to hygiene, and health and safety in the kitchen, dining room, or the bar. Walking into a restaurant and being greeted by tables draped in clean, white, flawless linen gives your customers the reassurance that your establishment adheres to the highest of standards. Immediately they are confident in your ability to deliver an exceptional dining experience.

The Very Highest Standards For Every Client

And these standards aren’t just for New Zealand’s top restaurants – they are for everyone from quirky cafes to uptown bars, quality is key. That’s where we come in. We ensure your linen, tea towels, table napkins, and kitchen and glass wipes are up to code every time, every day. It’s one less thing to worry to about. The majority of Linenmaster branches meet AsureQuality standards and have been audited to ensure that the entire laundry facility is utilizing best practice in processes, systems, and laundering. With standards at this level, you can count on your local Linenmaster team to pick up and deliver the highest quality linens for your business, leaving you to focus on creating your culinary masterpieces!

Lint-Free Glass Cloths and Wipes

One of our more specialised towelling products is lint-free glass cloths, used by many hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants and bars to polish and present glassware immaculately clean and lint-free. Our range of wipes are an ideal add-on for many workplaces and include industrial wipes, bar wipes, kitchen wipes and rag bags. Depending on your requirements we have options for one-time-use only, or we can launder for re-use.

Special Occasion Linen Hire

If you’re planning a social gathering or special event at a hire venue or in your own home, then some of our Linenmaster outlets are specifically set up to offer beautiful, high quality linen hire and toweling rental perfect for any occasion. And, the best news, we pick up and take away the dirty laundry!

If you are planning a 21st, a wedding, a family get together or any kind of event and need to hire superior linen and towels, contact your local Linenmaster team today to find out how they can help.

Please note, not all Linenmaster outlets offer linen rental services to restaurants, cafes, bars, and for special occasions. Please contact your local Linenmaster outlet for confirmation.

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