Health Care Linen

A Linenmaster rental partnership reduces costs, risk, and saves time, meaning you and your team can focus on what you do best


We know how important it is to ensure the highest level of hygiene in all aspects of the health care industry to help ensure best health for those working on your frontline and for the ill, injured and elderly that you serve. At Linenmaster we ensure our clients in the health care sector have fresh and hygienically laundered linen on hand when they need it.


The intense demands to maintain a hygienic environment means the cleanliness of your linen is paramount whether it be in aged care rooms, patient wards, shared public or staff areas. Because we understand this, all linen goes through a quality check every time we wash, dry, and press it to ensure it is delivered back to you in premium condition. If we have any concerns with thinning or stains, we simply replace the item for your next delivery.


Our linen solutions include a premier range and a cost-effective range of the following:

  • Fitted & Flat Sheets
  • Bath Towels
  • Kylies
  • Lint-free kitchen wipes
  • Bathroom cloths
  • Tea towels
  • Pillow slips


Linen Rental

Linenmaster’s core business is in linen rental, we purchase the products and rent them back to you at a price which includes pick up, laundering and return delivery which means no capital outlay on your part.  There are many other benefits of the rental system and hence why the majority of Linenmaster customers choose it. Click here for more information about the benefits of a rental linen service.



‘Launder only’

We appreciate that with larger customers who have already invested in high volumes of linen a launder only solution suits best and Linenmaster can work with you to provide this.

Temporary support

We also understand that some who choose to own and launder all their own linen can at times face certain pressures ranging from machine breakdowns or the need to get on top of infection outbreaks and temporary outsourcing of the laundering function can help take the pressure off. Linenmaster can also help here.

Whether you think linen rental or ‘launder only’ is best for you in the long or short term, or you are not sure and would like to discuss it with experienced operators in the industry just contact your local Linenmaster outlet, we would be happy to take your enquiry.

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