Hospitality: Cleanliness is the #1 Expectation by Customers

Hospitality: Cleanliness is the #1 Expectation by Customers


Jan 7, 2020

Unsurprisingly, studies and surveys across the globe have proven that cleanliness in the hospitality industry has the greatest impact on overall customer satisfaction. It has shown the industry without a doubt that cleanliness is the most persuasive element that prompts online reviews – good or bad. It’s not just a preferred bonus - it’s an expectation.


Bedrooms and bathrooms are rated the most critical when it comes to cleanliness, with restaurants following closely behind. This is why many in the industry have chosen to use Linenmaster’s linen rental and laundering services.


Everybody loves fresh, fluffy towels; crisp, white bed linen; and pressed tablecloths, but we understand that not everybody has the time, space or capacity to ensure linen is up to the required standard on a regular basis. We also understand that this process can often be time consuming, costly and difficult to maintain.


How does a regular, reliable delivery of clean linen to your door sound? Great, right? Linenmaster will take away the hassle and worry of making sure your linen is always clean and fresh, leaving you to focus on other parts of your business and watch the good reviews about your linen come rolling in. Linenmaster will work with you to determine delivery days and quantities, whether it be for bed linen, towels, tea towels, tablecloths, napkins and more.


Because we own the linen and rent it to you, we have a vested interest in ensuring every item is in tip top condition, always. We come in, pick up the dirties, and deliver fresh stock. Our RFID technology, which is used in some of the Linenmaster businesses, means we can track and trace every item to see what is dirty, clean, in use, or needs repairing. So, you can rest assured that you have the correct amount of linen at any moment.


Don’t let a tiny stain on a napkin bring your reviews down. Improve your customer experience and satisfaction by streamlining your laundry processes through partnering with your local Linenmaster. With over 20 Linenmaster businesses throughout the country, we have New Zealand covered.