Instep Platinum Awards

Instep Platinum Awards


Dec 18, 2019

Being clean and green has always been the Kiwi way – and Linenmaster Whangarei and Diamond Linenmaster in Hawkes Bay just took the Kiwi way to the next level!


Many Linenmaster businesses proudly work with Instep to continuously improve their impact on the environment. Instep is a New Zealand company that provides a variety of Carbon and Sustainability programmes including standard carbon footprint monitoring, reporting, and certifying. Instep’s programme measures are based on operational carbon emissions and these depend on the way businesses run and operate every day. The programmes are goal focussed with 12 monthly reporting to ensure continual improvement. Certifications are issued at either Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level to recognise their achievements. Many businesses can achieve their Gold certification within 2 to 3 years, but the Platinum certification is the real challenge. Demonstrating a long-term commitment, Platinum level certification takes at least 3 to- 5 years to achieve and depends on the organisation maintaining their reduction percentage goal year on year.


Linenmaster Whangarei and Diamond Linenmaster have proven that in an industry that relies on water, cleaning solutions, and various energy sources, hard work and dedication pays off. Both branches have recently reached a Platinum level certification with Instep, illustrating how they truly embody the clean and green kiwi way.


As an example of the monumental effort required to reach Platinum status, Linenmaster Whangarei have reduced their carbon emissions by a whopping 33% since 2014!


Linenmaster business owners have been working with Instep to monitor, report on and certify their standard carbon footprints. Instep’s step-by-step scientific process educates and guides Linenmaster managers through the entire programme, enabling us to better understand and maximise the benefits. Together with Instep’s scientific managers, Linenmaster managers develop and execute an effective sustainability strategy and receive regular comprehensive written reports, enabling them to monitor their progress.


Instep reports provide Linenmaster with tangible results to assess environmental aims, as well as ongoing recommendations to enhance their sustainability in future years. Over each full year, the Instep team assists Linenmaster to better understand the impact they are having on the environment as a group and helps them reduce those impacts and set goals for the future.


The Instep programme follows an internationally recognised standard that provides credibility and transparency. Instep does not lock members into offsetting emissions, as the company believes that taking individual action is the best way to create real change and Linenmaster is in full agreement with this.


Linenmaster know that their customers and suppliers are looking for service providers and business partners who place sustainability and the environment high in their strategic planning programme. Linenmaster is therefore always open to sharing ideas on how they can improve in this area and reporting their progress as they continue to work with Instep.