Welcome to the Linenmaster family!

Welcome to the Linenmaster family!

Company News

Aug 16, 2019

Local customers in the Ashburton area needed a reliable, high quality, professional, and friendly linen rental and laundry solution and they came to Wrights Apparelmaster. Wrights are well-known in their local market for delivering exceptional quality across their drycleaning business and workwear rental and laundry services. It was only natural for their customers to come to them for their linen needs.


“The beauty of us coming on board with Linenmaster is that we could immediately fix what was lacking in the industry.” Stuart Cross, Wrights Linenmaster Drycleaners


Being part of Apparelmaster already, the team at Wrights simply adapted the principles and business ethics already in place within the business through the Apparelmaster brand to their new Linenmaster association. Before they knew it, they had a whole new group of happy local customers. They have partnered with Linenmaster in Christchurch and are utilising their sheeting and pillow slips for their own customers. The Christchurch facility has the scale and market to invest in machinery that the local Ashburton market wouldn’t sustain.


“Christchurch Linenmaster have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring exceptional laundering standards. Their sheeting is of the highest quality as well, being 80/20 cotton-rich. We are able to dovetail in on this so that our customers get the very best in quality sheeting and laundry standards…it just makes sense.”


Everyone pitches in…


Wrights has always been a really close-knit team with some staff members being there for over 25 years, isn’t that right, Lois Marshall! Stuart says that being close, working together as a team, has created a real sense of family within the business. But also, the relationship they have with the team in Christchurch is key. This relationship meant that they were able to implement the new Linenmaster offerings and services quickly.


Our main markets are Ashburton and Methven and the areas between. Methven is very much a ski town with a busy winter season where accommodation has a high turnover of guests over four months. The tourism market has grown on the scenic southern route and looks to be continuing this trend so to join the Linenmaster team now was not only a great step forward for the business, but came at the right time for the local tourism and hospitality market to ensure they were able to give their guests the highest quality service and products available.