Why do your towels go scratchy?

Why do your towels go scratchy?


Sep 9, 2019

If you’re sick and tired of towels coming out of your laundry with that stiff and crunchy feeling and want to get that luscious Linenmaster feel at home, we’ve gathered some of our favourite tips and tricks for fluffy, fresh, and soft towels that you can try.

The obvious answer is to use store-bought fabric softener. This is a quick and easy fix to get your towels feeling soft and supple. However, try to not over-use your fabric softener as it can build up residue in the fibres of the towels and cause the absorbency to decrease if used too much or too often.

To complement the occasional use of fabric softener, here are some remedies our expert teams have recommended.


1.     Turn down the heat

This applies to washing and drying! Hot water and over drying can fry your towels and make them uncomfortably crispy.  Many home or small industrial dryers have a set time and temperature so it’s easy to over dry your towels and cook the fibres. This is why we use both infrared and normal temperature sensors to accurately determine the moisture content of the towels. This allows us to stop the drying process when there is ideally between 8-12% residual moisture left in the towels for optimum drying without frying the fibres.


2.     Sterilise Cycle

If you are questioning whether to bin your scratchy towels in place of some fuzzy new ones, first try this tip to eliminate the build-up of product. You might be pleasantly surprised with the renewed fluffiness!

Every six weeks use one cup of distilled white vinegar in place of your usual washing detergent and run on your usual cycle. Then, run the cycle again, but this time with a cup of baking soda. This will bring the towels back to full absorbency by removing the soapy build-up and residue on the fibres. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t make the towels smell like vinegar or baking soda. They’ll smell fresh and feel great!


3.     Shake it out

When you take your towels out of the washing machine, give them a really good shake to loosen the fibre loops in the towel so that they are ready to absorb water again.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to luxuriously soft and fluffy towels after every wash. If you’re in search of some more expert advice, give our professionals a call at your local Linenmaster branch, we’re always happy to help!