Linen and Towelling Rental & Laundering Services

Hospitality services
(accommodation & food service)

The increase in New Zealand Tourism has seen substantial growth and diversity in accommodation options, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Linenmaster provide flexible, tailored linen and towel rental and laundry solutions for the hospitality market, ensuring hospitality providers always have quality, clean and hygienic linen and towels on hand, without going to the expense of buying and laundering it.

Linenmaster rent luxuriously soft premier towelling and top-end 80/20 cotton polyester bed linen, suitable for 5-star resorts and private lodges, all manner of hotels and motels, through to options for budget back-packers and camper vans. Whether you’re a Michelin Star restaurant or a local café or bar, you can count on Linenmaster to always provide clean, quality table linen including table cloths and napkins.

Hospitality businesses are a key aspect of the travel experience. In this area Linenmaster feel they have a big role to play ensuring visitors to New Zealand think highly of the overall experience they receive in hotels, cafes, bars and other hospitality enterprises.

Holiday Homes and Baches Linen and Towelling

Some home owners choose to rent their properties out as kiwi bach and holiday homes, providing clean, quality linen and towels to their guests as part of the rental agreement. Linenmaster have outlets close to many of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations and as owner operators, we have the capability and flexibility to tailor a linen and towel rental programme to support smaller scale operations such as these.*  Speak to Linenmaster today about our linen and towelling rental and laundering services for baches and holiday homes.

*Please note, not all Linenmaster outlets offer linen rental services to holiday home/bach owners, please contact the one closest to you for confirmation.

Special Functions Linen Solutions

If you’re planning a social gathering and looking for something outside traditional hospitality environments; maybe you’re hosting a 21st, a wedding, or just a small intimate gathering in the home, then some of the Linenmaster outlets are specifically set up to help with quality linen and towel hire for such occassions.

At Linenmaster, quality of service and product is paramount. In essence we’re all about providing comfort. For our clients this means providing peace of mind in the knowledge that we can always be relied on to provide clean, quality linen and towels. For our client’s guests, comfort relates to the physical comfort we associate with holding and touching clean, quality linen.