High Quality Linen Rental and Laundry Solutions

A Linenmaster rental partnership reduces costs, risk, and saves time, meaning you and your team can focus on what you do best.

We know how important it is to present the very best of New Zealand to our visitors, whether they are international or domestic, and we ensure our clients in the hospitality and tourism sector have soft, fresh, and hygienically laundered linen on hand when they need it.

The vigorous demands of the hospitality and tourism industries mean your linens are under stress every day. Because we understand this, all linen goes through a quality check every time we wash, dry, and press it to ensure it is delivered back to you in premium condition. If we have any concerns with thinning or stains, we simply replace the item for your next delivery.

Our linen solutions include a premier range and a cost-effective range of the following:

  • Bed Linen including top and bottom sheeting and pillowcases
  • Sumptuous white fluffy towels
  • Pressed white table napkins
  • Pressed white tablecloths
  • Lint-Free glass cloths and wipes
  • Lint-Free kitchen wipes
  • Bathroom cloths
  • Tea towels

Let us take care of your linen capital outlay

Our rental programmes are specifically tailored to meet your businesses unique needs. Renting your linen through Linenmaster means you save money by not having to invest in purchasing linen as well as saving on purchasing, running, and maintaining the expensive cleaning machinery needed to ensure the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness are reached. We take care of all of that for you!

Contact your local Linenmaster outlet for your Linen hire solutions

Our Linenmaster outlets provide a range of linen to accommodate various facets of the hospitality and tourism industries. To find out how your local Linenmaster can fulfil your linen rental and laundry needs easily, quickly, and cost-effectively, get in touch today.

We’re all about providing comfort – for you in the knowledge that we provide the best products and service, and for your customers, in the clean, soft, quality linen and towelling they value and expect.


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