Dining Linen Rental

High Quality Table Linen Rental and Laundry Solutions

Whether you are in hospitality, accommodation, or tourism, if your customers are dining, you want them to dine on the best.

Many of our local Linenmaster outlets offer fully customized quality table linen rental programmes to suit your unique needs whether you are an award-winning restaurant or a cosy café. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality premium table cloths and linen napkins for your 5-Star restaurant through to good-looking, durable table linen for everyday use in your busy café or bar. Make sure you contact your local Linenmaster outlet to find out what dining and table linens they have on offer.

Our Dining Linen Range

Our extensive range of quality table and dining linen is premium, crisp, white, fresh, durable, good looking, and lasts as long as you need it to as we replace any worn items in the very next delivery. Features include:

  • Crisp, white table cloths for dining rooms, restaurants, and cafes
  • Beautifully laundered and pressed table napkins in heavy white cotton blend
  • Durable kitchen wipes for cleaning and polishing quality glassware

Lint-Free Glass Cloths and Wipes

One of our more specialised towelling products is lint-free glass cloths, used by many hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants and bars to polish and present glassware immaculately clean and lint-free. Our range of wipes are an ideal add-on for many workplaces and include industrial wipes, bar wipes, kitchen wipes and rag bags. Depending on your requirements we have options for one-time-use only, or we can launder for re-use. Find out if your local Linenmaster offers Lint-free glass cloths and wipes.


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