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Linen and Towel Rental and Laundry Services for Health and Aged Care Facilities

The health care industry in New Zealand is required to meet high minimum standards and codes when it comes to hygiene, and health and safety. In these current times the standards become even more stringent to counteract the increasing risks. Linenmaster can assist you with your linen requirements, so you can be confident in your ability to continue to meet those standards and provide peace of mind to your team and those in your care.


A high standard of laundering involves a science involving optimal wash and dry processes and temperatures and appropriate chemical dosages to ensure the result is hygienically clean linen and that it also looks and feels that way too. Linenmaster partners with suppliers in the industry who constantly monitor, review and find ways to work with us to exceed standards so we can ensure your linen is up to code every time, every day. It’s one less thing for you to worry about. Our Linenmaster branches are audited annually to ensure that the entire laundry facility is utilizing best practice in processes, systems, and laundering. With standards at this level, you can count on your local Linenmaster team to pick up, process and deliver the highest quality linens for your business, leaving you to focus on the important work you do in caring for the vulnerable in our communities.

Linen Rental

Linenmaster’s core business is in linen rental, we purchase the products and rent them back to you at a price which includes pick up, laundering and return delivery which means no capital outlay on your part. There are many other benefits of the rental system and hence why the majority of Linenmaster customers choose it. Watch the short video below for more information about the benefits of a rental linen service. 

Launder Only

We appreciate that with larger customers who have already invested in high volumes of linen a launder only solution may suit best and Linenmaster can work with you to provide this.

Temporary support

We also understand that some who choose to own and launder all their own linen can at times face certain pressures ranging from machine breakdowns or the need to get on top of infection outbreaks and temporary outsourcing of the laundering function can help take the pressure off. Linenmaster can also help here.

Whether you think linen rental or ‘launder only’ is best for you in the long or short term, or you are not sure and would like to discuss it with experienced operators in the industry just contact your local Linenmaster outlet, we would be happy to take your enquiry.

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