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Quality Towel Rental and Laundry Solutions

Everyone loves a fresh, fluffy towel. Soft, luxurious, and delivered when you need them, our superior towelling range lets your guests know how much you care.

Our towels are of the highest quality, are hygienically laundered to the highest standards, and always look and feel brand new. This means we replace any towels that are starting to show signs of ageing at no cost to you.

We understand that every establishment is unique, so we tailor our towel rental services to suit the unique needs of our clients. If you need daily pick up and delivery, we’ll be there. If you need extra towels in a hurry, just call and we’re on our way!


We provide beautiful, fresh, fluffy white towels for the following:

  • 5-star luxury hotels
  • 5-star luxury lodges and resorts
  • Premium hotels and motels
  • Motels of all sizes and star rating
  • Bed & breakfasts and lodges
  • Premium backpackers
  • Budget backpackers
  • Other types of accommodation including camping grounds, Airbnb’s, holiday homes etc (please note, not all Linenmaster outlets offer rental and laundry solutions to other types of accommodation. To find out if your local Linenmaster provides this service, contact them through our Locations page.)

Why buy when our rental and laundry services are easy and cost-effective?

The initial capital outlay for quality toweling can be costly. Not to mention the space and machinery required to ensure the highest standards in hygiene and cleanliness are continually reached. Why purchase and maintain expensive cleaning machinery and toweling when we can take care of it all for you. Renting and laundering your toweling through Linenmaster is good for your cashflow, and it frees up space to be utilised to its profitable potential.

Lint-Free Glass Cloths and Wipes

One of our more specialised towelling products is lint-free glass cloths, used by many hospitality businesses including hotels, restaurants and bars to polish and present glassware immaculately clean and lint-free. Our range of wipes are an ideal add-on for many workplaces and include industrial wipes, bar wipes, kitchen wipes and rag bags. Depending on your requirements we have options for one-time-use only, or we can launder for re-use.


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